December 06, 2005

Kitchen Aid's, beds, and Kitties

Hehehehhehehehehehe. I am in an extraordinarily good mood today. Grandma sent me a check for me to go out and follow in the family tradition of owning a Kitchen Aid:-D She's the best!
And Sunday we had a REAL bed delivered, a wonderfully comfortable queen. Since we no longer used the air mattress, Daniel decided we could now have a cat. So off we went to the shelter that night to look at the kitties, where we found 2 very beautiful kitties we liked, but since they could not confirm that we were allowed to have cats in our apartment complex, we could not adopt that night. So yesterday, I called up the complex, and had them verify, and we went again last night, only to discover one of the cats adopted. BUT, I found the most lovely kitty with wicked blue eyes, and white fur with black spots, and also a fat little tabby female I had to have. The person working was very nice and gave us both 2 for 1, so I got my 2 kitties:-D We promptly named the female Trillian and the male Mala Kavulla. Trillian is at home settling in right now, and we will pick Mal up later to settle him in. At the shelter they were glad that the two of them went home together, apparently they had been kept together for awhile and got along well.
Last week was my first full week at my new job, and I still like it. Of course there are plenty of times when I get very bored, but it is still interesting enough to find something to learn or do to keep me occupied.
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