December 08, 2005

Our babies

Well, after a couple of days the cats have settled into their new home relatively well, and have relaxed enough to establish who their preferred person is. Mal is definatly a snuggle bug who loves the fact that I shower him with attention, while Trillian is more reserved and simply loves to look around and prefers Daniel's lap over mine. Of course, Mal is younger by a long shot, as Trillian is almost 6 years old, and Mal is only 7 months. They are both simply adorable though.
Mal in his favorite nap area.

Not sure how she gets up there, as she is a little chubs, but a rare photo of both of them together. They get along fabulously, no fighting, but they certainly have their areas they like.
Trillan, not so big on the posing thing, Mal, oh yeah, Attention hog LOL.
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