December 14, 2005


Winterhaven is a small section of this fair city, that once a year combines forces to put on the most extravagantly beautiful display of Christmas lights ever seen. This year was no different:-D Daniel and I went on a Haywagon (Well a horse drawn trolley really) ride last night through the village. It's a good thing that the ride was nearly empty, as I spent 40 minutes oooing and ahhing and otherwise sounding like an overgrown child, particularily when I saw the display with Winnie the Pooh and Friends including TIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe.
On a more interesting note, I recieved an email from a friend I had not thought of in sometime as he had left almost a year ago. Quite a pleasant surprise.

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Me said...

What's wrong with Oooooooohing and Aaaaaaahing? Appreciation is why people try so hard to made elaborate and intesting displays...Enjoy them! That part of childhood should pop up as frequently as possible. It has taken me many decades to realize that but am now living by it.