October 31, 2006

Moving Day

I ended up hiring a moving company, as in the end it turned out that there was just way too much to do that it would have taken me and a bunch of friends all day to move it, and that was just too much of a hassle. So being me, I dug around, called around, and found a good mover that would move me for about $250, as I was quoted at a reasonable rate per hour and the guy thought that it wouldn't take to long. Yeah, right!!!!! Come Saturday afternoon, 5 hours and 3 guys later I am moved in, but the total bill came out to more than twice what I was quoted. Talk about a heart attack on the spot. Either way, I am now moved in, and have the fun task of unpacking it all:-D

A kitchen I can move in wohooo!!!!!!!!!!

My Fireplace:) (my sister Rachel painted the painting in the picture. Talented isn't she!)


DonaFrog said...

Dear Lizzie,
Rachel's painting looks wonderful above the fireplace! I like your choice of mat and frame. I'm glad that you are in your new apartment. The kitchen looks great. I am still trying to find my grandmother's crystal beads. I thought I knew where they were, but they weren't! Love, GG'ma

Gram said...

Yes, your sister is an artist. Is this going to be her career?

Freudian Slip said...

Eh! Moving companies. Never trust their quotes!!! I totally got ripped off once, they flat out lied to me. It's a shame that it is like that.