October 31, 2006

Moving Day

I ended up hiring a moving company, as in the end it turned out that there was just way too much to do that it would have taken me and a bunch of friends all day to move it, and that was just too much of a hassle. So being me, I dug around, called around, and found a good mover that would move me for about $250, as I was quoted at a reasonable rate per hour and the guy thought that it wouldn't take to long. Yeah, right!!!!! Come Saturday afternoon, 5 hours and 3 guys later I am moved in, but the total bill came out to more than twice what I was quoted. Talk about a heart attack on the spot. Either way, I am now moved in, and have the fun task of unpacking it all:-D

A kitchen I can move in wohooo!!!!!!!!!!

My Fireplace:) (my sister Rachel painted the painting in the picture. Talented isn't she!)
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