October 25, 2006

I am a dork

So, I get ready for work this morning, and after I'm dressed, made up, and look decent I go to grab my keys and get out the door. One slight problem, I wanted to drive the Cougar, and the key wasn't in my purse. Ok major issue here, I can't find it anywhere. 15 minutes of searching the bags, between the car and the apartment, and walking out the door the last time, I realize, I didn't check the pockets of the jeans I was wearing last night. DUH!!! So, I am finally on the road to work, about to make my last turn when I go for my badge. yeah, no badge. It's in the door pocket of the DODGE, about 12 miles and 20 minutes away, and I am already later than I like. Oh what a comedy of errors my morning was:)
I go pick up the keys to my new place tonight:-D I am all set for a move on Saturday, and I am so ready to have those boxes OUT of there. It's getting almost claustrophobic in there. wooo hooo, I can't wait:-D
Update on the knee: No fix for me just yet. The docs can't repair what is already healed up in a bad way, and so the doctor prescribed me Celebrex and told me to wait a few years. Yay. On a slightly weird upside, I have had to quit smoking. Celebrex is in the same category of drugs that Vioxx was and has the potential for causing heart issues. I am not about to sign my own death warrent and keep smoking. Where's my lolly?
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