October 17, 2006


One of the things that kinda sucked about Daniel being gone over this period of time is that he missed our first wedding anniversary on the 5th. (imagine, I've been married for a year now. Freaky:) The funny part though, I flew out to NC that day, and just about forgot that it was that day LOL.
Since Daniel has been gone, my babies have felt his absence and become quite snuggly. Even Mal, my normally standoffish little rat has hopped up on my lap for lovings. I wake up in the morning with two cats snuggled in close and usually its a game of who can steal more pillow between me and Mal as he has taken to sleeping on my pillow above my head:) I wake up and the fight begins. Usually it ends when I give up and decide that it is time for me to get out of bed.
I came home from my vacation to be greeted by my boss the first day back with "you're moving" No discussion, just "you're moving". While I was gone she had been peeking in on the cats to take care of them and had found out precisely how bad the neighborhood was where I live. So we spent the next couple of days looking around and actually found a FAB apartment the first time we went looking:) It's further up north, behind one of the hospitals and in a much much better location. The apartment is larger with a larger kitchen (I'm in heaven), and the icing on the cake: Personal alarms on each door. Yeah, I'm moving. Now naturally this caused a bit of a fuss with the apartment complex I currently live in, but everything was worked out and after many discussions with darling dearest, I am moving out on the 28th:-D Now of course hiring a mover is out of the question, that is just more money than needs to be spent, so I am in the process of packing everything up and have a reservation for a truck. Before you ask, yes I am getting help loading the truck, heaven knows I couldn't do it on my own LOL:)
This leads me to my next bit of randomness and a bit of an embarrassment for me :) Saturday morning I planned on going on an all out hunt for boxes and accordingly dressed very grungy. After a very unsuccessful search I popped over to the mall to have my nails done before a dinner party that night. While walking back down the mall, I felt a tap on my shoulder and lo and behold it was an old compatriot from my old unit in Fort Gordon. While it was great to see him and see that he was doing well, I was still dressed grungy! LOL. Yes I am mildly vain about my appearance and running into someone whom I haven't seen in a long while looking like crud, not my idea of a good impression ROFL. Ah well, I am quite sure it really didn't matter to anyone else but me heheheeheee:-D
I have an appointment this afternoon with the orthopaedist, after having more x-rays and MRI's done, so, crossing my fingers, lets hope this goes well and I come back happy:-D
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