September 09, 2004

Insanity is creeping up slowly

Ok, due to a lack of missions for my team, we are spending a lot of time doing nothing in our rooms! Aaaaaack. I have just about finished SG-1, Season 4, and I just got it 2/3 days ago!!!! Eeeek. Too much time to think on my hands. My usual companion is currently on leave, so I have been on my own for a little while. My room mate came home last night to break up my peace and quiet, but oh well. Yep, nothing really has changed around here. I have even pretty much stopped writing in my journal as I have nothing to write about! This is bad, this is really bad.


Shar said...

Worse yet, is that SG-1 is simply addictive!
I've heard the new Atlantis series spinoff is okay. You've got to get season 5 soon!

Check out the books for soldiers website too. You can put in requests for items books/dvds/things to break up the boredom. And best of all, packages with great stuff arriving in no time at all! It might be fun for you and yes, break the boredom a bit.

SGT Lizzie said...

Thanks:) Actually one of our CO's has packages from that website sent to him, and he shares with all. Lots of fun.
Yes Stargate is exceedingly addictive. I have all seasons currently available, plus the illustrated companions. Help, I am turning into a geek!

Shar said...

Hey thats a new one! Warzone inspires geekishnes. (not really sure if thats a word, doubtful, but it does sound good) I wonder how many soldiers become geeks out of boredom.

Anonymous said...

So what's wrong with being a geek? ;-)

I've seen the first three episodes of Stargate Atlantis and I think it's excellent. A new team (a large one, mixed civilian scientists and military), a new situation (cut off from earth: no return, no resupply), and a really *nasty* enemy.

Be safe over there: the folks back home watching first-run Tv want you back.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sgt Lizzie, back again w/my coffee this a.m. & see that you too are addicted to SG. I'm beginning to suspect it's a Scorpio thang! LOL! Anyway, if you get bored w/nothing to do, my sister is a WONderful writer and I made her a website to post her writings, specifically fan fiction stories based on Stargate. I don't even watch the show, tho I had to to be able to make the site. She has some really great stories, posted at so it might be a boredom buster for you. God Bless, I hope you are sleeping good right now!