November 18, 2004

Change of Command, Ebay, and Breakfasts

This morning was our company change of command ceremony. As it is the first ceremony I have been to in a combat zone, I was amused but unsurprised to hear this during the introduction "In case of a mortar attack, the ceremony will cease and we will seek protection behind the barriers". Well no duh ROFL. A mortar hits, I don't think we will care much about anything else then getting down under cover. The rest of the ceremony went smooth, save for the 11 people having to stand in formation, trying not to twitch with all of the flys flying around and landing on us, in one case on my nose. Ick.
Thanks to a suggestion left on a comment, I am now addicted to browsing ebay. I have found several things that I like, and enjoy my window shopping each day.
I also was asked to tell what a good breakfast to me consists of. There is nothing better on a Saturday or Sunday morning then getting up later, then driving down the the Waffle House right off of exit 94 on I20 (The one on the Fort Gordon side), and enjoying my omlet, grits, and hashbrowns, with what is undeniably the BEST coffee made. Well, all except for the pots I brew. Back in Kuwait last year, if it was known that I had just made a fresh pot, there would be a stampede in my office, and not more then 5 minutes later, "L, make a new pot please". And I don't even drink coffee that much ROFL.
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