November 19, 2004

A new Low at the chow hall.

I went to dinner tonight with a group of people from my company, and as we all sat down with our food, it was generally decided that the food just looked inedible. A few of us were brave enough to try it, but one by one we all got up, and grabbed a pizza from the buffet bar we have. At one point it caused a bit of a fight as someone said that there was only one pizza left and there were 2 who wanted it ROFL. They both scrambled from the table so quickly we were sure one would fall. Now THAT would have been funny. Side note on the chow hall: As with any chow hall across the Army, whether stateside or deployed, breakfast is the best meal of the day. (though sometimes that ain't saying much) We do have real eggs here, and in the mornings when I go in and hand my plate to the person serving, all I have to say is Good Morning, as he already knows what I have every morning, eggs over medium.
It was a slow day here, my day off. I spent part of my afternoon organizing my gear into foot lockers, so that I could quickly decide what needed to be mailed and what needed to be put into a milvan. My books are definitely going in the milvan, that box is HEAVY! Mostly because the books in there are my good hardbacks, and most of them are thick. I got word tonight at dinner that I would be moving to a new room soon, as we have to make room for the rest of my company returning from all over Iraq. I however will be keeping my room mate, which is great, as we have roomed together all year and get along well.
Another of my sisters has her birthday today, she turns 18. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! When did this child I used to play dollies with (She WAS the doll ROFL!) turn into a fully grown adult. Boys, look out, I have a gun and I KNOW how to use it ROFL:-D Nah, no worries there, she is very mature when it comes to the boys and I know I have no worries. Chances are, they mess with her, and she will take them out quicker then I could. This I know, because the child is quite capable of taking me down. Damn, I need to be in better shape.
Turkey day is this Thursday, and as we have celebrated the previous years in this battalion, there will be a turkey trot and a turkey bowl, for which I have been made the coordinator. Yippeeee:) I get to make sure everything falls into place. According to my 1SG (First Sergeant), when the big man above found out that I was the coordinator, he asked "what does she know about football?" 1SG's response: "She doesn't need to know about football, just organizing things" I feel so loved:-D However, my risk assessment will be fun, as I will have to take into account factors such as small arms fire, mortars, and insane drivers. Not exactly normal mind you. But, even though we are over here, we do try to have fun.
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