August 31, 2005


Well, unless you have been living in a hole, you know what is going on. Here is one interesting way to donate, and also the Red Cross and other organizations. I have a few friends who's families have lost everything and are going to have to restart.

In other news, don't always trust your caller id. I got a phone call from my best friend, so when I answered my cell phone I answered "yes dear?" SGT L, this is SSG W. OOOOOOOOOPS! hehehe, I was quite embarressed by that. He had been borrowing her cell phone:)
Gas prices havel just hit insane here, up to $2.88 in places. Here on post they have left it down at $2.34 but they are out of Regular unleaded. SCARY. My drive to Miami tomorrow is going to be interesting to say the least.
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