August 31, 2005


Well, unless you have been living in a hole, you know what is going on. Here is one interesting way to donate, and also the Red Cross and other organizations. I have a few friends who's families have lost everything and are going to have to restart.

In other news, don't always trust your caller id. I got a phone call from my best friend, so when I answered my cell phone I answered "yes dear?" SGT L, this is SSG W. OOOOOOOOOPS! hehehe, I was quite embarressed by that. He had been borrowing her cell phone:)
Gas prices havel just hit insane here, up to $2.88 in places. Here on post they have left it down at $2.34 but they are out of Regular unleaded. SCARY. My drive to Miami tomorrow is going to be interesting to say the least.


KourJalopy said...

Here it has gone up to 2.79...that's the highest its ever been.

Garrison Steelle said...

There was one place here that was briefly 3.49. The state attorney general is warning against price gouging, but we also have stations running out of gas.



Anonymous said...

Any chance of your unit being called up to go help in the Katrina mess?

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Gas in Chicago has been between $2.80 and $3.00 for at least two weeks.

Anonymous said...

*sighs gas just hit 3.10 here :(( and I am not in a major city like shytown :( WOW and it's suppose to be Labor Day gas is suppose to go down not up. I felt like writing a letter to somebody maybe the hodgies I am not sure when I figure out who to send it to I will let you know LOL! and telling them gas is suppose to go down!! HEY you are going the wrong way!!!! I have resorted to car pooling what a sad day!!! I can't sing my heart out anymore driving down the road. I guess its like losing your freedom LOL!!! Ok Well peace out I am off to bed finally YAY!!!!

Carol said...

Live in DC area, have resorted to public transportaion but it takes 3 hours round trip, plus parking. So not real bargain.Price of gas:
89 unleaded = ARM
Mid-grade unleaded= LEG
Super uneaded= A--
would,LOL, if the joke wasn't on me (or us) .

carol said...

Comment on answering fone:
My husband works at the base 9 mile away. He always calls to wake me up. One early morning, i was cooing on the phone for a 2 minutes,b4 I realized it was my boss asking me to come in to cover for another RN. yikes...

z said...


April said...


Completely cruel of your boss to let you go on like that!

Anonymous said...

Here in New Zealand the price for a US Gallon works out at about $4.12US (and there's been no hurricane here).

I think oil companies have been shielding the US from rising oil prices for a long time but now Katrina has given them an excuse to start charging you what the rest of us have been paying for some time.

Just be thankful you're only around $2.88 (although American cars are bigger).